The Untrolling Project

We want to Untroll America with compassion.

To do this work, we need your help.

Please donate today, so we can Untroll America together.

Our survival instincts are trolled on all sides.

The trolling expands our ever-growing divides.

The chasm is enormous and seems impassable…

But there is a bridge.

The Trolling Effect

“Trolling” directs our survival instincts toward false targets.  

The troll-narratives hide the true sources of our suffering by blaming someone or something for our pain other than its actual sources.   

These false narratives are deeply ingrained in our societal divisions, effectively keeping us and our nation in cycles of misunderstanding and conflict. 

The Untrolling Project

America needs therapy on a macro level.   

And that’s exactly what The Untrolling Project does.  It puts America’s emotional life on the couch. 

The Untrolling Project separates emotions from their trolls, revealing the actual sources of our divisions, freeing us to unite for our common good.